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Stick Figures
Anti-Godzilla Monsters


!! His Eminence Studios !!


4/07/04 - Visit His Eminence Studios!!!

4/24/03 - Added the French Military Victories page.


4/21/03 - I finally found a Mod Chip that actually works! You can play all import games, and all backup games. Plus the DVD player is region free and macrovision free! That means you can play any games and any DVDs, from any region! I used it to play some Japanese imports, and it worked perfectly! And they have ones for Dreamcast and Xbox, too. Click here to see it in action!

4/17/03 - Updated the Stick Figures section with three new movies: Vehicle Survival Test, Big Green 1, and Stair Jump. Also, created a better forum, with a nice user interface GUI. Click here to go to the Forum.

4/06/03 - We are looking for more artists and designers. Meanwhile, I've been working on a totally new site design which can be previewed here and at Robotic Dimensions.

3/19/03 - Added Water Balloon Drop 3 to the Arcade section. More to come soon!

3/18/03 - Deleted the Games section. Added the new Arcade section sponsored by 3DJoe Online Games.

3/8/03 - Created the Forum. Currently hosted by Bravenet. I need a free forum/message board service, email me.

3/7/03 - Join The Design Team! We are looking for Flash designers, artists, and programmers. Contact us for more info.

3/1/03 - Updated the join page for Vatican Air. Notice the new stormtrooper in the EMINENCE banner? Also created a new section called Trash Can Jumping out of popular demand.

2/28/03 - You can now join Vatican Airlines! Click here for more info. Almost done with the new Pope Repaint v3 for B767-300. As always, email me.

2/23/03 -  Working on the Pope Repaint Version 3.0 for the Boeing 767-300. Also I am planning on doing a complete layout change but I have a lack of creativity, so I am asking you to send me ideas. Email me your ideas.

2/22/03 - Removed the unpopular "Dark Side".

2/21/03 - Extreme Bandwidth Problems!! Ever since I added the Pope Repaint, the bandwidth for the site has been off the charts, resulting in downtime because the server cannot handle it. Peak times seem to be in the afternoon. I might have to host on a pay server but I would need money to do so... Email me

2/16/03 - Finally finished the Pope Repaint for Flight Simulator. Full details here.

1/11/03 - Added the feature of voting for Save Bob's Last Dance. Also created a new section called Dark Side.

12/24/02 - Updated the Top Banner with the mustard and Godzilla monsters. Godzilla and Godzilla character design İTM TOHO Co., LTD. 1997. Deleted Homework section. Added Anti-Godzilla Monsters section.

11/26/02 - Added Stick Wars Episode II to the Stick Figures section.

11/22/02 - Stick Dudes Design has released a new movie: Save Bob's Last Dance. It was added to the Stick Figures section.

11/20/02 - Added Heresy Scene 1 Build # 1 to the Stick Figures section. Created the Pope section.

11/17/02 - Created the header image at the top of this page. This will be the start of a whole site layout change. Email comments and suggestions.

11/13/02 - Added the above picture of the Pope action figure. Click on it for a larger picture. Also, Click here for more info about the Pope action figure.

11/11/02 - Stick Wars Episode 1, Stick Wars Episode 1 trailer, and Legacy of X-Star Episode 2 were added to the Stick Figures section.

11/08/02 - Xiao Xiao 9 was added to the Stick Figures section. Updated the Homework Section with today's work. Shockwave Football was added to the Games section.

11/04/02 - Added Xiao Xiao Episodes 5 through 8 in the Stick Figures section. Updated the Homework section.

11/01/02 - Created the Stick Figures section. Added Jedi Battle Demo 1.0 and Flash 5 Tutorial. Stick Dudes Animation

10/12/02 - I found this funny Apple Computers ad. Added it to the Other section. The file is 4.96 megabytes. It is hosted on my server, so follow the rules of the server. Also added Lord of the Rings Collection and A Beautiful Mind screenshots to the Other section.

10/11/02 - Added Water Balloon Drop 3 to the Games section. Created the Projects section with a few reports and essays. Added the homework assignments in the Homework section.

9/29/02 - His Eminence the website is created. Added Projects, Homework, and Games section.

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The spiritual leader of a group of Zen Buddhists.

A divinely inspired poet or sage in India, sometimes regarded as a saint.

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