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H I S    E M I N E N C E

Why I prefer the Empire and the Sith to the Rebels and the Jedi? Very simple really:

bullet Jedi Contradictions - "anger, fear, aggression, the Dark Side are they", Yoda said in The Empire Strikes Back. He also said, "A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and events, never for attack." Yet when you pick up a lightsaber, you're not likely to be doing it to tickle your opponent. This lack of Jedi honesty and coherence extends into other areas: for example, Obi Wan Kenobi thought it was perfectly acceptable to say that Lord Vader had murdered Anakin Skywalker, when indeed, they are one and the same person. His rationalisation for this lie was about as weak as an ex-President quibbling over the meaning of "is".
bullet Back to the Bad Old Days? - The full name of the Rebellion is "The Alliance to Restore the Republic". As we have seen from the prequels, the Republic was saddled with a bloated bureaucracy, endemic corruption, and it didn't even have a standing army to defend itself, rather was relying on at most, a few thousand Jedis wandering around a galaxy of quadrillion citizens to keep order. Basically, the Rebels wanted to go back to a system that didn't work.
bullet Rebel Incompetence - Critics say that the destruction of Alderaan shows the Empire to be malevolent. However it should be kept in mind that Princess Leia was either lying or incompetent in saying Alderaan was defenceless. If she was lying, then Alderaan was a nest of enemy activity. If Alderaan was indeed undefended, she was apparently too self-involved to consider the consequences of running around supporting the Rebellion: she did not prepare her people at all.